Our dapper Torky
We're Fundraising! 

Each year we spend thousands of dollars on veterinary bills. You can help us help our rescued friends via our Youcaring page. Here's to a happy year of saving the lives of NYC's at-risk cats and dogs!
Other Ways to Help
We are part of the Amazon Smile program. When you shop pick Ready for Rescue as the charity of your choice. We and our furry friends thank you!  
We are happy to receive any and all donations! Save an animal's life today!

These are just a few of the cats and dogs we rescued from NYC's high-kill shelter system. Meet them today! 
Each year millions of cats and dogs enter the shelter system. While some are rescued too many of these adoptable animals are put down. Please read our Fast Facts for more information. Donate today to help us continue to save lives! 

The Doggone Truth! 
American Pit Bull Terriers aka "pit bulls" get a bad rap through no fault of their own. The perception that this breed (and mixtures of this breed) are "dangerous" means they all too often wind up in high-kill shelters. The truth is they are amazing, loving and loyal companions. In England, they are often referred to as "nanny dogs” because they make great family dogs! Meet one of our rescued pitties today--he or she is sure to melt your heart. 
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